Gates Belts offers a range of products, including V-Belts for power transmission, Special Belts for unique applications, and Synchronous Belts for precise timing. Their Automotive Timing Belts provide optimal performance and durability. Additionally, Gates TPU Polyurethane Belting is designed to handle extreme temperatures and harsh chemicals, making it ideal for tough industrial applications.

Shandong BeltHubs Construction Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company that specializes in the production and supply of mechanical belts. With over 10 years of experience in belt manufacturing.

Welcome to our comprehensive range of Gates Belts for various industries. Whether you need Agriculture Belts, Automotive Belts, Construction Belts, Heavy Duty Industrial Equipment Belts, Machine Belts, Mining Belts, or Truck & Bus Belts, we have got you covered. Our high-quality belts are designed to provide superior performance, durability, and reliability to keep your machinery running smoothly.

Our products have been exported to more than 20 countries and regions, such as North America, South America, Europe, and Southeast Asia, and are highly praised by customers worldwide.



Gates Belts offers a range of products, including V-Belts for power transmission, Special Belts for unique applications, and Synchronous Belts for precise timing. Their Automotive Timing Belts provide optimal performance and durability. Additionally, Gates TPU Polyurethane Belting is designed to handle extreme temperatures and harsh chemicals, making it ideal for tough industrial applications.

Micro-V Belts
Micro-V Belts

Produce more power requiring highly engineered materials to meet high mileage replacement intervals as demanded by OEM’s. Gates engineers automotive timing belts in partnership with dozens of top automotive OEM’s around the world, and bring the same quality, durability, and OE fit to our aftermarket solutions. Gates timing belts provide quiet, reliable, low maintenance performance, with a superior resistance to contamination, heat, and wear.


As power transmission experts for over a century, Gates is driving your vehicles’ belt drive with our automotive V-belts for your passenger cars, light duty trucks, and personal vehicles. Gates V-belts are engineered to run maintenance-free to keep your vehicles moving without the need for lubrication or retensioning. We’ve designed our V-belts for wear, corrosion, and heat resistance with OE quality fit and construction for reliable, long-lasting performance.

Timing Belts

Using the most advanced technology available, we’ve taken the best belts in the industry and designed them with our exclusive shortened profile to ensure optimum fit, form and function. In cases where OE construction leads to noise, vibration and premature failure, Gates exceeds OE quality by upgrading materials and construction. The result? The quietest and highest performing automotive and industrial Micro-V® Belts in the industry.

Synchronous Belts

Gates innovative synchronous belts are designed to operate at higher temperatures, higher speeds, and over longer distances. Our team of automotive experts and engineers design Gates synchronous timing belts to the toughest vehicle manufacturer requirements to ensure light, quiet, and efficient operation and to OE fit virtually every vehicle on the road today. Moreover, Gates synchronous belts have excellent resistance to corrosion, stretch, and wear.

Special Belts

Your truck’s refrigeration unit, Gates innovative belts keep your equipment running longer so you can get things done. We manufacture our Gates belts with the latest material science technologies to ensure reliable, long lasting performance, with specialty belt solutions for virtually every application. Not finding the right belt for your application? We’d love to get you in touch with a Gates product application engineer to design a completely custom belt drive solution.

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GATES Belts Engineer

GATES Belts Engineer online helps you solve the problem of MITSUBOSHI Belts adaptation and installation.

Gates Belts Catalog PDF

Looking for a comprehensive guide to Gates belts? Check out the Gates Belts Catalog PDF, which provides detailed information on the company’s extensive line of power transmission belts. This catalog includes specifications for different types of belts, such as V-belts, synchronous belts, and specialty belts, as well as information on how to properly install and maintain them. Whether you’re a professional mechanic or a DIY enthusiast, the Gates Belts Catalog PDF is an indispensable resource for anyone looking to get the most out of their power transmission system.

Why Choose Belthubs

Advanced Manufacturing Facilities: Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities enable us to produce a wide range of high-quality mechanical belts, ensuring that we meet the diverse needs of our clients in the construction machinery sector.

Scalable Production: With a robust infrastructure in place, we have the ability to quickly scale our production capabilities to meet the growing demand for our products, ensuring timely delivery and uninterrupted supply.

Quality Control and Assurance: Our stringent quality control measures and comprehensive inspection processes guarantee that every product leaving our facility meets the highest standards of reliability, durability, and performance.

Cutting-Edge Research: Our dedicated R&D team is constantly exploring innovative technologies and materials to enhance the performance, durability, and efficiency of our mechanical belts.


Industry Collaboration: We actively collaborate with leading research institutions and industry partners to share knowledge and insights, enabling us to stay at the forefront of advancements in construction machinery equipment.

Intellectual Property: Our ongoing commitment to research and development has resulted in a growing portfolio of patents and proprietary technologies that set us apart from our competitors and ensure the continued success of our products in the market.

Customized Solutions: We offer tailor-made solutions to cater to the specific needs of our clients, providing them with the flexibility to choose from a wide range of belt designs, materials, and sizes.

Competitive Pricing: Through strategic partnerships and efficient supply chain management, we are able to offer our products at competitive prices, ensuring that our clients receive the best value for their investment.


GATES BELTS ships within 5 business days of your order. However, please allow up to 10 days for delivery, as we have no control over the carrier’s transit times. If you have not received your order after 10 days, please contact us!

  • The products should be in their original packaging.
  • The products should be unused.
  • The products must not have been damaged by you.
  • The products should be returned within 30 days of delivery date.
  • If the product is defective or damaged, then you can return it within 30 days of delivery date.

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GATES BElTS are used in a variety of industries, including automotive, agriculture, industrial, and more.

GATES BElTS are known for their high-quality construction, durability, and reliability. They are made from the finest materials and are designed to perform in even the most demanding environments.

Gates belts are known for their durability, reliability, and high performance. They are designed to withstand extreme temperatures, harsh environments, and heavy loads, making them ideal for use in demanding applications. They also require minimal maintenance, which can help reduce downtime and repair costs.

The most common causes of Gates belt failure include improper installation, overloading, misalignment, contamination, and wear and tear. Regular maintenance and inspection can help prevent these issues and extend the life of your belts.

The replacement interval for Gates belts depends on several factors, such as the operating conditions, the type of belt, and the manufacturer’s recommendations. You should follow the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule and replace your belts as needed to ensure optimal performance and safety.

Gates belts are widely available from authorized dealers, distributors, and online retailers. You should ensure that you purchase genuine Gates belts from a reputable source to ensure optimal performance and safety.

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