MITSUBOSHI 100-S2M-114(114mm)

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Mitsuboshi 100-S2M-114 is a high-quality synchronous belt with a length of 114mm, suitable for a variety of industrial machinery applications. The belt is made using advanced technology and high-grade materials, ensuring exceptional performance and longevity. With a tooth profile that reduces friction and noise, the Mitsuboshi 100-S2M-114 belt helps machinery to run smoothly and efficiently. This synchronous belt is designed to withstand high torque loads and resist wear and tear, making it ideal for use in harsh environments. It also has excellent resistance to oil, chemicals, heat, and abrasion, which further enhances its durability. Overall, Mitsuboshi 100-S2M-114 is a reliable and versatile synchronous belt that can help keep your machinery running smoothly and efficiently for years to come.


1. High-quality material: The MITSUBOSHI 100-S2M-114(114mm) is made of high-quality materials that ensure optimal performance and long-lasting durability. It is designed to withstand various weather conditions and mechanical stresses, making it an ideal choice for industrial applications.

2. Precise performance: With its precise construction and accurate dimensions, the MITSUBOSHI 100-S2M-114 offers exceptional performance level. Its advanced design allows for smooth and efficient operation that maximizes productivity, simplifies maintenance, and reduces downtime.

3. Optimal power transmission: This synchronous belt offers optimal power transmission with negligible slipping or stretching, even when subjected to high stress or torque loads. It delivers reliable performance, making it perfect for applications that require accurate timing and synchronization.

4. Easy installation: The MITSUBOSHI 100-S2M-114 is designed for easy installation, requiring minimal effort and time. It features a simple, user-friendly design that allows for convenient installation without specialist tools or expertise, making it perfect for DIY enthusiasts or those with limited experience.

5. Environment-friendly: Made with environmentally-friendly materials and processes, this belt is an eco-friendly option for businesses and industries seeking to reduce their carbon footprint. Its production process ensures minimal waste and pollution, making it the ideal choice for sustainable and socially-responsible practices.

6. High-shock resistance: The MITSUBOSHI 100-S2M-114 offers high shock resistance, making it ideal for applications that involve sudden and extreme impacts or loads. It can withstand heavy shocks without breaking or cracking, ensuring long-lasting reliability and durability in harsh industrial environments.

7. Wide range of applications: This belt is ideal for a wide range of industrial applications, including packaging, labeling, printing, textiles, food processing, and automotive industries. It can be used in diverse machinery and systems, making it a flexible and versatile solution for businesses of all kinds.

8. Low noise operation: This belt operates quietly, thanks to its unique design that minimizes vibrations and noise. Its low noise operation makes it well-suited for noise-sensitive environments, such as healthcare facilities, educational institutions, and residential areas. It ensures a comfortable and peaceful working environment for the operators.

9. Efficient and cost-effective: The MITSUBOSHI 100-S2M-114 is an efficient and cost-effective solution to industrial power transmission needs. Its optimal design and construction ensure maximum performance at minimal cost, making it an ideal choice for businesses looking to save on operational costs without compromising on quality or performance.


Parameter Description
Model number 100-S2M-114
Belt width 2mm
Number of teeth 57
Pitch length 114mm
Belt type Timing belt
Material Neoprene rubber
Tensile strength 900N


1. What is MITSUBOSHI 100-S2M-114?
MITSUBOSHI 100-S2M-114 is a synchronous belt that measures 114mm in length.

2. What is the pitch of MITSUBOSHI 100-S2M-114?
The pitch of MITSUBOSHI 100-S2M-114 is 2mm.

3. What is the width of MITSUBOSHI 100-S2M-114?
The width of MITSUBOSHI 100-S2M-114 is 6mm.

4. What is the material of MITSUBOSHI 100-S2M-114?
MITSUBOSHI 100-S2M-114 is made of high-quality rubber and reinforced with fiberglass cord.

5. What are the features of MITSUBOSHI 100-S2M-114?
MITSUBOSHI 100-S2M-114 has high torque transmission with minimal slippage, operates quietly, and has a long service life.

6. What is the temperature range for MITSUBOSHI 100-S2M-114?
MITSUBOSHI 100-S2M-114 can operate within a temperature range of -20 to 80 degrees Celsius.

7. What industries commonly use MITSUBOSHI 100-S2M-114?
MITSUBOSHI 100-S2M-114 is commonly used in industries such as packaging, food processing, and printing.

8. Is there a warranty for MITSUBOSHI 100-S2M-114?
Yes, MITSUBOSHI provides a warranty for their products, and the specific terms can be obtained through their authorized distributors.

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